Contract Entry and Tracking System

About CETS

In 2009 the Department of Administration introduced the Contract Entry and Tracking System (CETS) an online application that runs in a web browser used for managing contract information. The program automates the submission of contract summaries to the Budget Division. Using CETS, agencies can track contract submissions and approval status as well as vendor insurance information. Agencies are required to enter Board of Examiners (BOE) and Clerk of the Board contract summary information in CETS.

Questions regarding CETS or the contract submission process can be directed to your assigned analyst in the Budget Division. Questions regarding the CETS access form should be directed to the State Purchasing Division. 

CETS Access

As this is a secure system, agencies must complete a CETS access form for all approval levels and submit the signed form to the Purchasing Division via email A Certified Contract Manager must be assigned by agencies to apply final agency approval, confirm the contract is complete, and take oversight responsibility for contract administration. Certified Contract Managers are required to take a training class through the Purchasing Division before being assigned a CETS password. However, read-only access can be granted for those requiring information from the system. Information on the Certified Contract Manager training classes and the form to request access to CETS is available on the Purchasing Division’s website and in the Quick Links located above.

Important Information for CETS Users

All contracts or contract amendments submitted for BOE or Clerk of the Board consideration must be processed through CETS. A Contract Summary Form is generated after the agency enters all pertinent contract data into CETS. All information displayed in the Contract Summary Form must agree with the contents of the contract. Instructions for entering contracts into CETS can be found in the CETS Instruction Manual, which is located in the Quick Links above.

Contract Summary Form in CETS

  • Agencies are required to print a copy of the Contract Summary Form to accompany each of the original hard-copy contract and agreement documents that are submitted to the Budget Division for BOE or Clerk of the Board consideration. i.e. four contract copies will have four summary forms.
  • For amendments requesting a time extension only, a completed Contract Summary Form and minimum of three copies of the hard copy contract amendment with all necessary original signatures must be submitted to the Budget Division a minimum of five business days prior to the expiration of the existing contract.
  • For all other non-BOE contracts, a completed Contract Summary Form and hard copies of the contract with original signatures must be submitted a minimum of ten business days prior to the anticipated start date of the contract.