Internal Audit Services

What We Do

The Division of Internal Audits’ (division) improves the efficiency and effectiveness of state government by auditing state agencies. The division ensures state resources are effectively safeguarded by reviewing the adequacy and effectiveness of agencies’ internal controls over fiscal processes.  The division assists agencies by providing training on internal controls, state fiscal requirements, and other matters of importance.   The division consists of the Internal Audit and Compliance Review sections.

    Internal Audits

    The Internal Audits section conducts audits that result in recommendations for agencies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations.  Audit recommendations have resulted in millions of dollars of cost savings and increased effectiveness of state agencies, which often enhance the welfare of citizens. Audit reports are presented to the Executive Branch Audit Committee (comprised of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Treasurer, Controller, Attorney General, and an appointed Public Member) at a public meeting.  Agencies are required to attend the meeting and address any questions from committee members.

      Compliance Review

      The Compliance Review section performs reviews that provide recommendations for agencies to improve the effectiveness of internal controls and compliance with state and federal guidelines. Review recommendations are intended to help agencies safeguard valuable state and federal resources and ensure compliance with state administrative guidelines, regulations, and statutes.  Recommendations also help agencies receiving federal funds comply with applicable federal guidelines. Review reports are issued to agency management and the Clerk of the Board of Examiners.