Budget Division

Manuals & Instructions

    Included in this section are documents that provide information and instructions for agencies. Topics include Governor's Executive Budget preparation, Priorities and Performance Based Budget preparation, Work Programs, Nevada Executive Budget System (NEBS), Contract Entry and Tracking System (CETS), and Fiscal Year Closing.

    Publications & Reports

      Published documents and reports produced by the Budget Division are included in this section. Documents include current and prior biennia Governor's Executive Budgets, the FY 2012-2013 Priorities and Performance Based Budget, Statement of General Fund Revenues & Appropriation Reports, and Silver Sage Revenue Reports.


        Documents included in this section require users to fill out information essential to the Budget Division or are part of a related fiscal process. Types of forms include budgeting, SAM, NEBS, office space, temporary employment services, longevity, salary projections, staffing requests, furloughs, travel and vehicles.

        Division of Internal Audits

        Instructions for Agencies

          Included in this section are documents that provide instructions for agencies. Documents include the Biennial Report Instructions and Procurement Card instructions.

          Published Reports

            Published reports produced by the Division of Internal Audits are included in this section. Documents include the division's Annual Report and approved Audit Reports.

            Other Forms & Documents


            State Administrative Manual (SAM)

              The State Administrative Manual (SAM) is an official publication of the Governor's Finance Office and is issued under authority of the Governor and the Board of Examiners. The Governor instructs all state executive branch agencies to comply with the provisions of this manual to promote economy and efficiency in the government of the State of Nevada.

              Budget Division Policy Directives (All Agency Memos)

              The Governor’s Finance Office uses All Agency Memos and Policy Directives to better communicate to interested parties information about policies, procedures and processes relating to SAM, budgeting, audits, fiscal management, Board of Examiners items and other matters overseen by the office.