Fiscal Management

Between Legislative sessions, the Budget Division monitors revenues and agency expenditures to ensure the state budget remains balanced. The Budget Division assists department/division fiscal staff in ensuring their budgets are in compliance with federal and state regulations and within budgetary spending authority. The Budget Division also provides guidance and approval for requesting changes to legislatively approved budgets through the work program process.


Once the Legislatively Approved budgets are finalized, the Budget Division is responsible for ensuring sound fiscal management of State agencies throughout the biennium. Nevada’s constitution requires that the State have a balanced budget, which means it cannot deficit spend. As soon as it becomes apparent Nevada’s budget is becoming unbalanced, such as when revenues fall short of projections, adjustments must be made to keep the state operating in the black. 

The Division regularly provides information to the Governor and Legislature on the budgetary status and operations of Executive Branch agencies. Since Nevada operates on a biennial budget cycle, oftentimes it is essential for departments/divisions to amend individual budget accounts to meet their actual needs or due to additional revenue such as federal grants. These requests for changes are facilitated by the Budget Division.  

What We Do

  • Examine all public accounts
  • Review and approve agency work programs and allotments to ensure compliance with budgetary spending limitations
  • Review and approve state contracts to ensure compliance with the budget
  • Review, prepare, and submit agency Board of Examiner (BOE) requests
  • Prepare cost statements and statistics as requested by the Governor or Legislature
  • Examine and approve statements and reports on the estimated future financial condition and operations of agencies
  • Handle requests for information on the budgetary and operations status of agencies
  • Appraise quantity and quality of services rendered by each Executive Branch agency and the needs for such services or new services
  • Develop plans for improvements/economies in organization and operation of agencies
  • Investigate duplication of work; organization and administration; and formulate plans for better and more effective management of agencies