Budget Division Manuals

State Administrative Manual (SAM)

State Administrative Manual (SAM)

The State Administrative Manual (SAM) is an official publication of the Department of Administration and is issued under authority of the Governor and the Board of Examiners. The Governor instructs all State executive agencies to comply with the provisions of this manual to promote economy and efficiency in the government of the State of Nevada.

2025-2027 Budget

2023-2025 Budget


2021-2023 Budget


2019-2021 Budget


2017-2019 Budget


Nevada Executive Budget System (NEBS) Manuals

Nevada Executive Budget System (NEBS) Manual

This manual is intended to describe the capabilities within NEBS, explain how to find and utilize each of the budget building and documenting functions, and step through how to generate the various reports available in this system. REVISED 02/2024.



NEBS Work Program Manual

This manual is an overview and general guideline on the work program process including sample work programs forms. REVISED 9/2023.



NEBS Work Program Module Approval Roles

This is an explanation of each of the four approval roles associated with the Work Program module.





Bill Draft Request (BDR) Instructions

This tutorial provides detailed information on how to step through the NEBS Bill Draft Request module. REVISED 3/2022.



Priorities and Performance Based Budget (PPBB) Instructions - NEBS

This manual includes a brief overview of the PPBB structure and detailed information on how to step through the Activity tab in NEBS



NEBS Budget Amendment Manual

This manual is an overview and general guideline on the budget amendment process.

Budget Division Manuals and Instructions

Introduction to State Budgeting

A basic introduction to budgeting for state fiscal and program staff.



Contract Entry and Tracking System (CETS) Manual

This tutorial steps through how to enter a contract summary form for a contract or amendment into the Contract Entry and Tracking System (CETS). REVISED 7/2023.