Governor's Executive Budget

Also known as a line-item budget, the Governor’s Executive Budget is categorized organizationally by function, department, division, budget account, category and general ledger amounts. It provides details on the base budget, maintenance changes and budget enhancements. Department and division descriptions are provided as well as performance indicators for each budget account. A typical Governor’s Executive Budget can fill three volumes and reach nearly 3,000 printed pages.

Governor's Executive Budget - Upcoming, Current and Prior Biennium 

This link re-directs to the Executive Budget Home Page for the Upcoming, Current and Prior Biennium. 


Priorities and Performance Based Budget

Also known as activities-based budgeting, the Priorities and Performance Based Budget (PPBB) provides a budget which clearly identifies and measures the services delivered to citizens. It provides a tool for detailing and prioritizing the State’s core functions, identifying associated costs, and evaluating the resulting outcomes and the State’s return on investments.


Silver Sage Revenue Report

At least once per month, the Economic Analysis unit of the Department of Administration provides an overview of Nevada’s economy in the Silver Sage Revenue Report. The report presents information specific to State General Fund revenues as well as statistics, charts and tables involving inflation, the gaming industry, home ownership, employment and salaries.


Report to Taxpayers

Per Nevada Revised Statute 353.333 on or before January 1 of each year a Nevada Report to Taxpayers is compiled to provide a description on the status of the finances of the State including local governments.


Agency Reports

Nevada Department of Education

Annual Report of School District and Charter School Revenues and Expenditures