FY2012 - FY2013 Executive Budget

During the 76th session of the Legislature, the Budget Division began providing two types of budget documents for the Governor and Legislative review – the traditional Governor’s Executive Budget (line-item budget) and a new Priorities and Performance Based Budget (activities-based budget).

Governor's Executive Budget

The traditional Governor’s Executive Budget provides details categorized organizationally by function, department, division, budget account, category and general ledger amounts. It also provides details on the base budget, maintenance changes and enhancements to the budget. A description of each department and division is provided as well as performance indicators for each budget account. A typical Governor’s Executive Budget can fill three volumes and can run nearly 3,000 pages.

Priorities and Performance Based Budget

Also known as activities-based budgeting, the Priorities and Performance Based Budget (PPBB) provides a budget which clearly identifies and measures the services delivered to citizens. It provides a tool for detailing and prioritizing the State’s core functions, identifying associated costs, and evaluating the resulting outcomes and the State’s return on investments. The FY2012 - FY2013 Priorities and Performance Based Budget filled one volume totaling 582 pages. Click here for more on PPBB

Legislatively Approved Budget

The Governor's Executive Budget can be updated and changed as part of the legislative review process. Upon approval of the Legislature and signature by the Governor, the final budget, which is referred to as the Legislatively Approved Budget, is implemented. It is the responsibility of the Executive Branch to ensure this budget is adhered to. Any updates to the budget during the biennium must be done through Work Programs that are approved by the Legislature’s Interim Finance Committee (IFC). The Legislature maintains a copy of this budget and subsequent changes in its Appropriations Report.

Nevada Open Government

In 2008 the State of Nevada began its Nevada Open Government Initiative and created a website containing information on the Legislatively Approved Budget, Governor's Executive Budget, Priorities and Performance Based Budget, Revenue and Spending summaries (actuals), and American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Spending. It is a one-stop shop for State of Nevada budgeting and spending information.